Benefits of Responsive Web Design-2018

benefits of responsive web design, web design company in bangalore

Benefits of Responsive Web Design-2018

We are lived among the peoples either they are educated or illiterate. In this modern world every one looking for the change even if they don’t know about the technology. Previous days if anyone getting any doubts they may get to know either from someone or from books. But nowadays they have an easy way to know everything by the using of Google. Now everyone using google for getting knowledge, images, videos and etc. Now it’s become a part of life.

Many businesses running by using the internet and that makes them as multi-millionaire like Amazon, Flipkart, and more e-commerce businesses. Moreover, most of the businesses only depending on the internet. So as a business person we should show our presence in front of the world. How can we do that? I’ll give you the solution, try to choose the best web design company who give the best website for affordable price. After that, you just portray who you are and what you are going to selling. The world looking for an easy way that makes them more comfortable without any hurdles.

Website design companies having more types of websites like static, dynamic, e-Commerce and etc. You just Portray who you just pick static one. If you going to do regular updates ill suggest you take dynamic one. You have more products that you are going to sell in online means don’t hesitate to take the e-Commerce website. Are you a writer just pick the blogging website. Similarly, we have a lot of choices before choosing yours try to consult with a good website development company. They will give proper guidance about it.

Most important things on your website to be compatible with all devices, In olden days websites, are not useful for anything now it’s a business market for enlarging your business. So I would suggest doing its responsive. why I’m saying like that and what is the use of that? Below I’ll say you all the benefits and its making process.

advantages of responsive web design, web design company in bangalore

History of Responsive Website Design

Before proceeding how it will make I would like to say its history, The first website designed to adapt its layout based on the width of the browser is They are the one who created the device-adaptive website. It was launched in 2001. After 2011 the developer Ethan Marcotte use the same type of technology and phase it Responsive Web Design, Marcotte wrote a book on the subject in 2011 simply titled “Responsive Web Design.”

8-Important Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Nowadays everyone has a mobile in their hand, They were getting everything from there. So as a business people we should satisfy our customers by providing good looking and compatible websites for all device, Its more useful to convert them as our customer. The first approach is more important than anything. So Responsive websites are more important for recent days.

1. Mobile Users Increased

By the statics, the mobile users are increased after 2014. So they mobile traffic is increased. Most of the peoples are searching in mobile, Therefore the companies to have websites and that should adaptable for all devices. If you created a website in the responsive way its suitable for Mobile, Tablets and all types of screens. While some companies are creating the separate version for their mobile view customers.

2. Faster and low cost

Create one Responsive website considerable less time and low cost than making a stand-alone mobile application and a standard desktop website. Initial develop cost only the investment of developing a responsive website. No more maintenance cost and special configuration cost.

3. Maintenance Cost is low

Maintaining a separate mobile site need to test and support. In contrast, the responsive use standardizing testing methods to ensure optimal layout on every screen. If we have two type of desktop and mobile sites mean, we concentrate on two type of content strategies and two administrative interfaces and two different designing teams. Responsive designs take less time and low cost for maintaining the site.

4.Fast Loading Web pages

Mobile users are having short-term attention spans. Studies say that the mobile users tend to abandon web pages that take longer than three seconds to finish loading. So as a provider we should give easy and fast loading web pages. When we going to responsive design it gives faster loading for mobiles and other devices. Its using modern performance techniques such as caching and image display will help to improve your web pages loading speed.

benefits of responsive web design, web design company in bangalore

5. Reduce Bouncing Rate

If you know about Search Engine Optimization definitely have an idea about the bouncing rate. A responsive and optimized mobile site gives a much better user experience for the customers. Therefore, if the customer like our page they will stick around for a long period of time and explore more pages of our site. Alternatively, if our site isn’t responsive it is much harder to keep the customers on our website and at the end, the bouncing rate will increase.

6. Conversion Rate will Increase

Creating consisting user experience across all device is key to converting new customers. Having a single secure website that looks professional on all platforms make the user less likely to get frustrated or turn to a competitor.

7. Getting Easy Analytics

You can easily find out the way how the users come and where they go to your site. It helps us to improve our website and its pages. In responsive design, we will give the good experience to the customers and they are spending much time in our site. We have a single site so it’s not much harder to analyze your site. Google Analytics and similar tools now cater to the responsive website by condense tracking and analytics into a single report so that you can find how your contents are performing on different devices.

8.Successful in SEO

In responsive websites every content is optimized clearly, it will give full satisfaction to the visitor, So the bouncing rate is improving day by day, it gives good google ranking. The contents are updated in a single admin and it will reflect all devices. Stronger backlinks and better bounce rates translate into higher search rankings, but there’s an extra SEO benefit for mobile-optimized sites. This is crucial because of SEO one digital marketing strategy. Advantages of digital marketing are huge.

Those are the advantages of a responsive web design. This is essential for any kind of website. Responsive web design provides the best experience for your website visitors. If you desire to be on top you have to make a responsive website for your business. As you can get it is beneficial for you to have a responsive web design presently and for the future.

Bespoke Responsive Web Design Company in Bangalore

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